Learn A-Frame And Get Ready For WebVR

Enroll in my course! More than 8 hours of content to learn how to create and test your WebXR scenes on any device!

Who This Course Is For

What You Will Be Learning

A-Frame Basics

Adding And Modifying HTML Elements

Modifying The Virtual Environment

Interacting With The Objects

Enhancing The Virtual Environment

Enhancing The Interactions

Moving Around In Virtual Reality

Controlling Entities Programmatically

Testing Your WebVR Scenes On VR Headsets

Why to Enroll

This is the most complete and detailed A-Frame course you can find on online, and its content is structured to introduce you to all the topics, from the most basic to the more advanced ones, in a logical progression.

In each lecture, I explain the concepts with practical examples, which will allow you to see the theory in practice.

Moreover, when I created this course back in September 2017, A-Frame was on v0.7.x. Since then, I have updated the course by adding new content and information to allow the students to learn what has changed with A-Frame's next releases (v0.8.x, v0.9.x, and v1.0.x).

Therefore, as you will find plenty of examples and snippets online (e.g. on Glitch, CodePen, Stack Overflow), this course will also allow you to understand why some projects and experiments created using older versions of A-Frame may not work correctly when using the latest release.


For each lecture, you will be provided with:

  • Downloadable source code of all the lessons that you can use as templates
  • Web links to resources used in the lectures (textures and 3D models)
  • Web links to FREE 3D models and 3D modelling software
  • Web links to VR-related websites

Contact Info

Scotland, UK
+44 7802 321045

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