The Journey To My New WebVR Website - pt 2

Series of experiments dedicated to hand presence with the main goal of exploring user interaction.

4. "Levering Up My Hand Interaction Skills"

This first experiment was all about designing the lever and coding its behaviour.

Prototype details on Twitter

5. "Levering Up To The Next Lever"

Then I kept coding the lever's functionalities to make the custom component modular so that it could be attached to different levers, allowing the user to apply different types of transformation to any object in the scene.

Prototype details on Twitter

6. "Not All Either-Or Statements Are Fallacies"

Once I made the component modular, I moved on to designing and coding the mechanics for another type of lever, which behaves like a switch and makes it possible to control and modify any object in the scene using boolean values.

Prototype details on Twitter

7. "Fireworks In The Hole!"

After that, I further modified the "switch" lever's code to create another type of lever.

This design makes it possible to trigger one-shot actions by either emitting custom events or directly modifying the component properties of any object in the scene.

Prototype details on Twitter

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