User-centric methodology
focused on understanding
the real user needs.



Dynamic mindset aimed at
delivering customised and
innovative solutions.



Unbiased perspective on
usability issues to validate
or highlight findings.



Natural disposition toward
product improvement
as better UX design.

Danilo Pasquariello | Spatial Prototyping, WebXR Design/Development, Workshops/Consultancy

Sr. Product Designer
WebXR Designer / Developer

Hi! I'm Danilo Pasquariello, a UX/UI designer who loves coding and specialises in WebXR.

I like to build immersive prototypes and cross-platform XR experiences that run in web browsers.

By combining HTML + JavaScript, I transform my ideas from the concept phase into something tangible.

I've worked in this industry since 2017, and some of my projects won awards in hackathons and competitions.

After completing the Unity Junior Programmer Pathway, I'm exploring generative AIs and XR/WebXR hand tracking.

Jamie Femia
Lead Software Engineer

"Danilo is a very talented and experienced designer. During our time working together I saw first hand how passionate he is about XR UI design and user experience. He approaches projects methodically with clear communication and regular feedback, designs and performs well structured UX research - including activities such as user testing - and uses empirical data to support his designs & recommendations. Danilo also has the coding skills necessary to build his own prototypes using modern WebXR based frameworks, which enables him not only to own a design project at the higher UX / UI design level, but also to quickly iterate on concepts in functional prototypes - which is especially important for immersive experience design. This combination of skills makes him a key part of any team building immersive products! I very much enjoyed our time working together and would enjoy doing so again!"

John Murray
Senior Product Manager

"We had to set a high bar when recruiting for the position Danilo ultimately filled: not only did we need someone who would understand the complexities of XR, it had to be someone who would understand our business requirements and then self-organise to contribute to them. Danilo met all of these expectations and then some. His domain knowledge is impressive and combined with an ability to create immersive prototypes meant that Danilo is able to support high fidelity UX tests without disrupting the engineering teams. On that point, the quality of the assets he did produce were often complemented by professional software engineers. Running usability testing sessions with Danilo was a pleasure: he conducts himself professionally and works hard to ensure that the output is reliable and valuable. Danilo is a fantastic colleague and I'd be delighted to work with him again given the opportunity."

Gabe Baker
VP of Frame - Product Manager, WebXR Developer

"I had the pleasure of working with Danilo while he was on the team building Danilo is professional, personable, skilled, and passionate. It is hard to put a label on Danilo that encompasses the breadth of what he can do. He is truly a cross-disciplinary designer, coder, and educator. He brings a meticulous, cautious eye to his work and is unafraid to learn new things. He is an unwavering advocate for the end-user of products and aims always to make what he works on accessible, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing - not just functional. Beyond those things, Danilo is also a great communicator and teammate. It was really a pleasure to have him with us and he made lasting contributions to the FRAME product and team."

Jonathan Tustain
Creative Director

"Danilo has an exceptional knowledge of WebVR and in particular A-Frame. He hosted a fantastic workshop for us, where the students had no prior knowledge of either, and by the end, each student (each with different abilities) had produced a WebVR scene that even included an animation, within a very short time. Our workshop was exceptionally challenging, as it had to be delivered remotely via Skype, but Danilo was able to deliver a step-by-step approach meaning nobody was left behind. Danilo is fantastic at understanding exact requirements, through lots of preparation and communication. He is a true expert on WebVR and A-Frame. In fact, he was recommended to me and I was pleased I was! The quality of his work is exceptional and I would not turn to anyone else when I need to do another WebVR project - either commercially, or as someone who can deliver training in the subject. Danilo is a pleasure to work with, and very patient! I look forward to working with him again!"

Alberto Elias
Frontend Lead

"Danilo is really enthusiastic and responsive. We've been collaborating on a couple WebXR related projects and he has consistently showed initiative in trying to get things done. This was specially nice to see when he went ahead and kept on solving different technical challenges, coming from a designer background. He was very quick to put together prototypes and POCs for these WebXR projects using A-Frame, and finding material and examples to convey his ideas. He iterated over and over improving the UI and UX of those projects, and I'm really happy with the final result! Looking forward to working more with him."

Roberto Figueroa Jr.
Immersive (XR) Learning Research Director

"I can only say good things about Danilo. Even now, I am still inspired by his passion for WebVR and his knowledge about A-Frame. During our collaboration, he was very amiable and considerate with our constraints and was patient with the obstacles that we encountered. Despite these administrative obstacles, he continued delivering beyond our expectations. He has always been jovial in our Zoom meetings and was able to catch all comments and suggestions quickly. I will surely continue working with him in future projects! "

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