Access Code UI

WebXR work for Atmos, a US-based start-up (California, San Francisco).

After a few months of development and following the work we did on the IoT controller UIs, the Team was going to organise a demo to showcase some more features and capabilities of the ATMOS WebXR HMD.

So, with a particular focus on smart homes, we started working on enabling the user to lock/unlock doors by using access codes in AR (augmented reality) mode.

The below video shows a rough prototype I was provided with so that I could design and style the actual AR UI.

For this task, I worked on:

  • Iterating on the design concept created by a teammate designer
  • Designing assets, UI elements and layouts

Final Design

The hi-fi mockups below show the full sequence of the AR UI granting access to an authorised user.

The Making Of

Design Concept

The images below show the initial sketches of the AR access code UI design concept.

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