Pinch 8-Way Movement and Snap Turn

This WebXR hand tracking experiment explores an evolution of the basic pinch locomotion method.

In particular, the prototype includes the following mechanics:

  • The WebXR poses toggle the movement and the turn UIs visibility to enable or disable the locomotion
  • Both the UIs provide 1st-time users with information on how to use this pinch-based locomotion method
  • Both the UIs provide visual feedback by animating their color and position when the hands hover over them
  • The turn mechanics include also the sequential snap turn (pinch + drag and hold) and the quick turn (180°) features

Demo Video

The video below shows the Pinch 8-Way Movement and Snap Turn locomotion method controlled by hand tracking interactions. Moreover, the UI panel listen to pose events to log in VR whether the locomotion is enabled or disabled.

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