VisRen Scene Tree Icons

WebXR work for Virtalis, a UK-based company (England, Manchester).

In addition to working on the Reach WebXR UI with a dedicated Team, I provided UX design support also the other Team working on the native VR application Visionary Render.

One of the first tasks I worked on was redesigning the node icons in the scene tree to be consistent with the primary set of icons at the top of the side panel.

Before vs After

The two images below show the node icons before (LHS) and after (RHS) the restyling.

The Making Of

Custom Icons

For this task, I designed pixel-perfect custom icons using keyshapes, orthogonals, and pixel grid.

The images below show the default and the selected state for each node icon.






MANIKIN icon (selected node)

TARGETS CONTAINER icon (selected node)

TARGETS CHILDREN icon (selected node)

BODY CONTAINER icon (selected node)

BODY CHILDREN icon (selected node)

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